Like welcoming waves to a homebound navy

We're the comforting grooves of Bread and Gravy

Jazz, americana, rock and roll

Bluegrass, blues, and a bit of soul.

Pianos are played, and guitar strings too

with ukulele, bass, vocals and kazoo

Boxdrums and banjos are always a choice

to back up the centered and blended

harmonic voice

So Sit on down, and feel like home, or

Stand right up, and dance the storm

There is no way. There is no norm

How it unfolds shall reveal our form.

~ Bread & Gravy ~


Stephanie Doenges

- lead vocals, guitar, banjo ukulele, harmonica, flute, occasional toy

Jess Doenges

- piano, keyboard bass, spoken word, bad jokes, occasional boxdrum



By Diane Urbani de la Paz

July 3, 2016

"Port Angeles - One of the best concerts I’ve attended in a long while happened Saturday, noonish, inches from the Lincoln Street sidewalk.

Oh, the waterfront wind was blowing, blowing money out of the musicians' open guitar case. But this pair of professional performers, busking beside the Jasmine Bistro patio, paid the gusts no mind. They’re a force of nature all by themselves, Stephanie and Jess Doenges are. They call themselves Bread & Gravy. But on this fine day, it was the husband-and-wife duo, playing guitar, harmonica and keyboard as Stephanie filled the air with her voice. This is a full-throated cry you will not forget, whether she’s singing “I’ll Fly Away,”...or “Stormy Monday.”

When these two get together and make music, it’s a time to stop what you’re doing — in this case I was walking down the street — and let the song wash over you. As I stood listening, I saw two tall glasses of water on the bistro’s railing. Clear as could be, they mirrored Stephanie’s sound. Together, they quenched my dehydrated self.

I’ve heard many buskers in my life. And seeing musicians such as Stephanie and Jess, as well as others who are doing so this summer -- Ches Ferguson, Zubrie Kamau, Jake Dore and Ashley Zuzu among them, well, it does my soul good.

I’m hoping these and other buskers will bring their voices and instruments downtown and be part of what looks to be a memorable summer. And, of course, I hope lots of people come out, listen, and tip the musicians. All of this can be a win-win situation, a community-building action with a great soundtrack. And hey, here's another good part: Buskers can receive free promotion on www.Go2OpenLive.com. Check out the site for all the entertainment that fits, all summer and beyond."

"Bread and Gravy seamlessly weaves their way between genres, styles, and tempo. They pull their audience to them with an easy style and riveting vocals that alternately relaxes and excites the listener. They seem to make people happy. And, I can't think of a bigger compliment than that."

(quote offered by one of the band's mothers)

Bread & Gravy is a power duo (also performs as a trio and quartet) featuring a dynamic vocalist/rhythm guitarist and a versatile pianist. Additional instruments and sounds emerge.. including, but not limited to:

the harmonica, banjo/uke, fingerbass, and flute. . Bread & Gravy alternates between lounge-style ballads and uptempo dance music... between americana and rock with a

splattering of jazz and soul.... and between emotional melodies and riveting spoken word.

Bread & Gravy, simply put,

is comfort music.